Tips for Writers

If you have found these pages, you were likely directed here during a presentation of my seminar, Breaking In Without Breaking Down: Publishing for Beginners. These notes provide the supplementary details and supporting links I will have referenced during my presentation. It’s my sincere hope that you will find them useful and good luck in your journey!


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Last Updated: November 2, 2016

1) Agents

  • What an agent does
  • Pros and cons of getting an agent
  • Where to look for agents
2) Researching Publishers
  • Who is accepting unagented, unsolicited material?
  • Are they a good fit for your manuscript?
  • What are they looking for from you?
3) Submissions
  • Submission dos and don’ts
  • Exclusive versus multiple submissions
4) Marketing Yourself in a Cover Letter or Query
  • What’s the difference between a cover letter and a query?
  • Important details to include
  • Format for a cover letter or query
  • Things to remember about your manuscript
5) Building Your Author Bio or Credentials
  • Get published (including resources to find other publishing credits)
  • Enter writing competitions
  • Take courses
  • Attend conferences
  • Join an association
  • Additional/ significant steps you can be taking
6) What to Expect When it All Pays Off
  • Contract negotiation