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fierce_coverFierce: Women Who Shaped Canada

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Scholastic Canada, 2019

Celebrate the accomplishments and heroics of these overlooked heroes of Canadian history, with inspiring tales of ten women who contributed to our country’s legacy, and whose stories have not been told…until now!

Often relegated to the sidelines of history, the women highlighted in this book performed feats that most people would never dream of. Women like Marguerite de la Roque, Tth’naltther, Victoria Cheung and Lucile Hunter. You may not know their names now, but after reading their stories, you won’t soon forget them. Available at:




Jungle Jitters cover

Jungle Jitters

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Orca Book Publishers, 2017

Even though he’s secretly terrified of deep water, and all the scary things that swim below, Tate wants to shake his boring reputation, and he agrees to travel with his class to the Amazon to help build a village school. He has his fingers and toes crossed that he won’t see any giant snakes or hungry piranhas.
But there are even scarier things than anacondas lurking in the jungles of South America, and Tate soon learns of the legend of El Tunchi, a spirit that terrorizes those who harm the rainforest. When creepy things start happening and Tate keeps hearing El Tunchi’s haunting whistle, he’s sure the group must have angered someone. Or something. He and his friends need to figure out a way to make amends and get out of the jungle alive. Buy now at:


Double TroubleDouble Trouble at The Rooms

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Illustrated by Elizabeth Pratt-Wheeler
Tuckamore Books, 2016

There’s no room for Nat’s polar bear in her house. It seems there’s no space for him anywhere. On a class trip to The Rooms in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Nat wonders if they’ll let Bear in. But the museum has room for all sorts of fun and maybe even a bear–or two! Buy now at:


Be the CBTC in the world_cover_smallhange in the World

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Crabtree Publishing Company, 2015

In my first foray into non-fiction, young readers learn what it means to be a citizen of the global community. From water wells in Africa to supporting child literacy to global disaster relief, children will learn about different needs around the world and discover their own abilities to make the world a better place. Buy now at:





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A Moose Goes A-Mummering

The Overcast’s Best Children’s Book of the Year, Silver Selection, 2015

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Illustrated by David Sturge
Tuckamore Books, 2014

In this Newfoundland “Twelve Days of Christmas,” Chris Moose loves to go mummering.  But everyone sees through his costume, from two giggling geese to twelve beaming beavers. With baubles, lights and garlands, Chris’s disguise grows more and more elaborate until he begins to wonder if he will ever find a way to keep his true identity from his friends! Buy now at:


Skink on the Brink cover FINAL
Click to meet Stewie the Skink

Skink on the Brink

SCWBI Crystal Kite Award Winner, 2014
Rainforest of Reading Finalist, 2014                                                                                 Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Read, 2014
Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Fall 2013
Winner of The Writers’ Union of Canada’s Writing for Children Award, 2011

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo
Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2013

“Stewie the Blue” is a skink on the brink of an identity crisis. His beautiful blue tail is turning grey. His head is getting redder by the day.  And, to make matters worse, he’s no longer inspired to make up little songs as he runs through the woods. He’s a lizard on a mission to figure out what it means to be Stewie the Skink.

Buy now at:


Click to meet Nat’s polar bear.

Bubbly Troubly Polar Bear

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Illustrated by Lizz Pratt
Tuckamore Books, 2013

It’s Bring Your Kids to Work Day, and Dad is taking Nat and her polar bear to Mr. McDermott’s soap factory. Nat promises that Bear will be no trouble, but when she hears that flippery slippery slop sound, she wonders just who else Bear has brought with him. Surely a big polar bear and all his pesky friends couldn’t get into too much bubbly troubly in a soap factory, right? Buy now at:


Click to meet Nat’s polar bear.

It’s No Trouble… A Big Polar Bear

Written by Lisa Dalrymple
Illustrated by Lizz Pratt
Tuckamore Books, 2012

Natalie’s finished her Christmas list. It’s really quite perfect with one little twist. A remote control scooter, some candy to share and… if it’s no trouble… a big polar bear. But a fun-loving bear as a pet? He’s very big and always hungry. And he scares the pants off the mail lady. How will Natalie ever convince the grown-ups that, despite all his shenanigans, a polar bear really is no trouble? Buy now at: