Skink on the Brink

Hello there.  Yoo Hoo!
Yes, I’m talking to you.
I’m a lizard – a skink, known as Stewie the Blue.
I am Stewie the Blue!
I can shout ‘cause it’s true.
And I love to sing songs while I scurry, don’t you?
But I’ve got a hunch,
critters like me a bunch,
so I try to sing softly when looking for lunch:
Come out here for Stewie,
you beetles so bluey,
you crickets, you spiders, you centipedes chewy.
But if I am found
while I’m rushing around,
don’t worry, my tail just pops off on the ground.
It twists and it wriggles.
It jumps and it jiggles,
while I run and hide and I muffle my giggles.
And the tail I once wore?
Well I just grow one more.
I’ve already grown tails number 2, 3 and 4.
But I’ve heard that it’s true,
skinks grow up – just like you.
And my little skink tail will no longer be blue.
So this Stewie the Skink,
is a skink on the brink.
of some changes and that’s got me starting to think.
Though I like being me,
I’m excited to see,
when not Stewie the Blue then just who I can be.

"Stewie the Blue," a young Five Lined Skink.
“Stewie the Blue,” a young Five-Lined Skink
A grown-up Five-Lined Skink