About Lisa

I now live with my family in Victoria, BC. In the past, I’ve lived with chickens in South Korea, cats in Scotland, lizards in Thailand and my two sisters in England. I have never EVER lived with a Polar Bear.
I wrote my first mystery adventure book for kids when I was 10 years old. I sent it to Grolier – the encyclopaedia people – to see if they wanted to publish it. (They didn’t!)
 I have the strangest effect on all things electrical ever since I was a kid and the door I was holding was hit by lightning.
I love to travel and I believe I should always try the new things people offer me when I’m visiting. This means I’ve tasted cockroaches, deep-fried grasshoppers, octopus head, haggis, silkworm larva, guinea pig and, of course, piranha. (None of these things taste like chicken!)
I’ve been snorkeling in Thailand while watching the black tip sharks eat breakfast, and I’ve been swimming in the Amazon River–not far from where we later went piranha fishing. (Then we grilled and ate the piranhas. Chomp!)