I’ve dabbled some, babbled some,
wandered some, wondered some.
I’m an addle-brained author
and a mind-muddled mum.



After three years of writing and research, I’m excited to announce that my next book will be out on January 29, 2019! Fierce: Women Who Shaped Canada, will be my first book with Scholastic Canada and is a product of true perseverance and determination. (I submitted my first manuscript to Scholastic back when I was 10 years old!) 
Fierce is a collection of true stories celebrating the accomplishments of Marguerite de la Roque, Ttha’naltther, Catherine Schubert, Charlotte Small, Alice Freeman (AKA Faith Fenton), Lucile Hunter, Ada Annie Jordan (AKA Cougar Annie), Victoria Cheung, Mona Parsons, and Joan Bamford Fletcher – ten amazing women from Canada’s history whose stories have been overlooked and forgotten…until now. Stay tuned for book launch details coming up soon.