I’ve dabbled some, babbled some,
wandered some, wondered some.
I’m an addle-brained author
and a mind-muddled mum.


Thanks so much to the teachers, librarians and (most importantly) the students and young readers that I met in Kamloops, Logan Lake, Chase and Kelowna while on tour as part of TD Canadian Children’s Book Week! It was such an amazing experience to share my stories with you and to talk about books and writing.  A special thank you to Andrea Wallin for making sure I got to the right place at the right time and for making sure that everything went so seamlessly.

I’m looking forward to my next cross-Canada experience in June. On June 18th, I have been asked to participate in WordPlay, an exciting literary festival for kids organized by Read by the Sea in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. I’ll also be visiting Halifax and am looking forward to enjoying that famous Atlantic Canadian hospitality.

Double Trouble at The Rooms got some love on CTV News Atlantic as part of the launch for the Atlantic Book Guide for Spring and Summer 2016. Keep an eye out for Nat and her troublesome bear at about 4:07!