Wanders and Wonders

Wanders and Wonders

A wise and funny writer of books for children once told me that, while being an author in Canada might not be the way to make a fortune, it will possibly afford opportunities to travel. Fortunately, when I was 10 years old, filling notebooks with mystery stories and wild descriptions of worlds, I don’t recall thinking I was starting down this path because I wanted to be rich. I was writing because I loved creating stories and connecting with others through my words.

But my friend was right. Already as an author, I’ve had opportunities to see parts of Canada I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. I’ve been to Newfoundland and to New Brunswick each a couple of times and, this summer, I’ve been invited to Nova Scotia. But I have never been out west–until tomorrow.

Tomorrow my adventure begins with the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week. From May 7th-May14th, I will be one of 29 travelling authors, illustrators and storytellers sent to a different province or territory in Canada to connect with young readers. I will be touring the Interior of British Columbia, visiting Kamloops, Chase, Logan Lake and Kelowna. Never having been to BC–or anywhere west of Thunder Bay–I have added on a slight diversion of my own. I’m leaving a couple of days early in order to head out to Vancouver Island and explore Victoria as well.

I’ll miss those at home fiercely while I’m gone but I do love my wanderings. I’m wondering what’s waiting for me on the other side of Canada.DSCN0282

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