Me and the Blondes – Teresa Toten

Me and the Blondes – Teresa Toten

Ages 18+; Young Adult  (Penguin, 2009)

At the same time hysterically funny and deadpan serious, Me and the Blondes is an engaging read for girls aged 13-16.

From Auntie Eva’s unforgettable life philosophies – “You got to inspire za boobies.  A beautiful too-big brassiere vill … encourage zem to fill up za cups” – to first period drama, bulimia and boys, this book is entirely relevant to modern high school life.

It is set in the 70s yet the connection between the modern reader and the modern-feeling characters is there in the universality of the high school experience, those issues which traverse ages and, of course, Teresa Toten’s terrific sense of humour.  Somehow, the life and colour of the 70s only seems to bring this out further.

Sophie is a character with spirit and wit and Toten’s Blondes, too, are no vapid clique.  Madison, Kit and Sarah are each individual characters, terrific basketball players and each comes complete with a full back story of her own.  I only wish I’d picked up books Better Than Blonde and Beyond Blonde at the same time so I didn’t have to wait to uncover more about them.

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  1. who are all the characters names?
    Does Sophie have a mom or is her aunt taking care of her?
    What’s Sophie’s moms and dads name?

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