Gallery – Adrianne & Elisha

The Dogs

Two sisters were walking along, their names were Adrianne and Katie. They were walking their dogs. Adrianne’s dog was Hannah and Katie’s dog was Elisha. They were walking to their best friend Erica’s house. Erica also had a dog, her name was Bailey.
Once they picked up Erica and Bailey, they went to the fair. They had so much fun that they forgot their dogs, but they didn’t realize it until they got home. The next day they ran to the fair as fast as they could. They got their dogs and went home. They got in trouble from their Mom’s. Erica had to go home. They all got grounded for a month. When they woke up they had breakfast and were really bored. It was not fun. A month later their dogs ran away, they looked everywhere but they didn’t find them.
The dogs ran away because the head dog had a whistle and every time he blew it every dog in the city would come and huddle up in the park, because they were spy dogs. They went on secret missions, and this time they got dognapped. Adrianne,
Katie and Erica looked everywhere it was no use. A month later they found them they were so happy that they celebrated. They had pop, chips and candy. They all ate until they were full.
Over the next couple days they all had fun playing together at the park. They had so much fun. They went home and had a sleepover it was also really fun. The dogs were so funny when they were playing.
Adrianne, Age 10 & Elisha, Age 10
April, 2013